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The International Cake Exploration Societé – ICES, is an organization for anyone interested in cake decorating and the confectionery arts. Our motto is Icing, Caring, Everyone Sharing. Our goal is to promote sugar art by sharing the opportunities of our organization with others that seek to learn and develop their own skills. ICES is comprised of sugar artists, cake decorators and vendors.

Categories of Membership

  • Regular (Digital) Membership – Best Value: $55.
    (Available for US and International memberships)
  • Charter Membership: $20 per year
    Joined by 9-1-1977 and membership has not lapsed more than thirty-six (36) months.
  • Gold Key Membership: $45 per year for US or International.
    Members who are not Charter Members and are over the age of 60, who have been ICES Members for at least fifteen (15) continuous years. (Proof of age required)
  • Student Membership: $25 per year.
    Full-time students enrolled in college, an accredited culinary school, vocational tech school or high school. All students over the age of 18 must show proof of enrollment.
  • If you are under the age of 14, please have your parents read our Coppa Notice.

* Dues includes digital subscription to the ICES newsletter

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